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Men's Agoge Training and Initiation

"Agoge" takes it name from the ancient educational and initiation process in Sparta. It is designed to help men end their separation and to help them become more capable and productive.

The Agoge offers an experience of authentic masculinity. You will experience raw, undiluted adventure and an opportunity to gain increased wisdom from other men and uncommonly fine teachers and  trainers.

The Agoge offers dedicated time to reflect and assess what is working in your life and what is not.  You learn to step up where its needed with renewed commitment, new momentum, and improved strategies. The training gives you the opportunity to assess if you are living with purpose, fulfillment, integrity and  honoring your commitments. This is an opportunity to do your own "inner work" both alone and in the company of other fine men.  You will also do manly, intense, super useful and fun "guy stuff" in the outdoors. Each man is free to choose to participate or not in any of the activities and everyone is encouraged to speak openly on any topic or issue from his own perspective. 

The Agoge is, at times, rigorous.  It is designed to build your resilience and test your intestinal fortitude.  The training is also about emotional balance and integrated wellness.

- fire walking, ancient Native wisdom, Mission Quest, 
  inner and outer peace-building processes, worst-cast
  emergency preparedness, self-defense and more.
- rigorous activities that bring out your best
-  essential survival skills.
- meaningful and authentic conversations.
- what it takes to be an awakened, conscious and reliable
  early 21st century male.
-  an initiation meant to be challenging like no other.
- masculine adventure and practices designed to
  strengthen your ability to be a force for good.
- your sacred inner nature of compassion and peace.

We invite you to join us
for this AMAZING Agoge experience!

Agoge training activity
photo - Tim Ballingham
David Fabricius
"Experience real impact"

Agoge Training founder, trainer and colleaque

Ceramic Workshops:
Pit-fire Pottery Workshops using ancient techniques
photo - Tim Ballingham
photo - Tim Ballingham
photo - Tim Ballingham
photo - Tim Ballingham
Tim and Pam Ballingham
Tim applying colored
clay slip