Tim is an inspirational educator providing a powerful perspective of Native American spirituality and cultural protocols as taught to him by many prominent traditional leaders. He is a thirty-five year practioner of Native American ceremonies, makes ceremonial drums, does traditional singing, and gives "Living in Balance" workshops. He is the former Native American Projects Director of the Cross-Cultural Studies Program founded by the late author and presenter, Doug Boyd.  In this capacity Tim supervised interactions with traditional spokespersons from many tribes.  Tim teaches ceramics and has work in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. His work also appears in many professional and international publications.  He, along with his wife Pamala, are Vice President and President of Earth Mother Productions, Inc. The company produced the highly acclaimed award-winning music series, "Earth Mother Lullabies from Around the World," and other uplifting recordings for the spirit.
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Heaven is my father
and Earth is my Mother
and even such a small creature as I
find an intimate place in their midst.
Therefore that which extends throughout the universe
I regard as my body
and that which directs the universe
I consider as my nature.
All people are my brothers and sisters,
and all things are my companions.
   - Zhang Zai  (1020 - 1077)
     Chinese Neo-Confucian


Tim Ballingham
photo - David Fabricius
30" X 8" Pow-Wow drum
by Tim Ballingham
photo - Tim  Ballingham
Handbuilt and wheelthrown ceramics
by Tim Ballingham
photo - Tim  Ballingham
photo - Tim Ballingham
photo - Tim Ballingham